Why would I send a photo to the same person each month?

A couple of Christmasses ago, my mum asked me for a picture of her grandchildren. Because we live a couple of hours away, she had not visited them for a couple of months, and she wanted to be able to "see" them.

These days, with the advent of digital, it's actually quite a lot of work to get to to the point of having a good photo that you can put in the post. It's not quite worth going to the local photo shop just for one print, so it never quite happens.

I realised that I could do it a slightly different way - that I could get the picture turned into a postcard and sent without me having to jump through all the hoops of printing, finding stamps and envelopes and putting it in a postbox.

The photo I sent brought her such joy that I made a new year's resolution that I would do it once a month from then on.

Thats what PPPosted does for you.

Every time I visit now, I notice one of the photos somewhere - on the fridge, tucked inside a picture frame, in the kitchen next to the phone. And she always thanks me.