Reading the postcard Turning over the postcard Looking at the picture postcard Opening the letter and pulling out the postcard Letter comes through the door letterbox Letter comes through the door letterbox

Send a simple smile every month

Create a little joy with a surprise through the post.

Send a photo to a loved one once a month without having to print, find stamps, address envelopes and get to a postbox.

All you need to do is capture that perfect image and ppPosted will take care of the rest.

Three steps, and you've given them a smile.

A phone showing a picture


Choose your photo straight from your phone, or you can upload from your computer.

A form containing a personal message


You can add your own message to the card, or you can stick with the default one.

A smiling woman with a postcard


That's it. We will get it in the post for you, and it'll arrive in a couple of days.